GameDaily BIZ: Virgin Offers "A World of My Own"

GameDaily BIZ: Virgin Offers "A World of My Own"

Hoping to be the iTunes of PC titles

Today, Virgin Games and Game Domain International (GDI) announced a new "3D PC games platform." Called "A World of My Own" (AWOMO), this download service will apparently have a 3D interface along with fast downloads and good security. Koch Media was mentioned as a publisher supporting AWOMO.

"This is a really exciting development for us, as it gives us the opportunity to do for PC Games what iTunes has done for music," said Richard Branson, Chairman of Virgin. "The GDI technology will revolutionize how the mass market will play games, and will give them more choice for less money."

"The highly alluring combination of being able to download a game in minutes instead of the existing standard few hours and the promoted mega cash prize gaming tournaments will create a Mecca of opportunities for sponsors and promoters to target the vast gaming community," says Chris Gorman OBE, director of GDI.

AWOMO will launch sometime in 2007, with plenty of games promised "in order to meet the huge international demand expected."

Sounds like Virgin is getting more aggressive about returning to the games business. My impression is that this is focused on the casual games business. Certainly other companies (WildTangent comes to mind) have tried this before. And at the high end, of course, there is Steam, from Valve. And "AWOMO" is a bad name. Very strange. Good luck with this.