Nano-Plasm - almost there!

I "finished" (sans final editing) my book Nano-Plasm. It's about 190 pages long.

I was feeling I would never get around to the "final editing"... but then I had an idea.

I went to LuLu and checked out the site. I last checked it out about two years ago I think.

LuLu has changed focus - the old focus was to use printing-on-demand so people could publish books at low risk. Instead, now they are set up to support printing one-off specialty books, like personal cookbooks or picture books. So, I uploaded my "near final" draft of the book to LuLu and asked them to print it and mail it to me. It will arrive in a couple of weeks as a genuine bookstore quality 6x9 soft cover book. I'm pretty sure once I'm looking at a real tangible object, I'll want to fix every flaw.

Then I can publish it through LuLu.

The total cost of printing, binding, and shipping my one-off copy?


I think it would cost more than that to print it on the laser printer at the local Mail Post.


I've been working on this puppy since May, 2001. A few people have read it. Some like it. Some like it but say that they like it considering it is a first effort. A few don't get past around page 15, when Gillian is in the cave. I think I'll have to work on that specific spot. But people who make it past the cave scene like it.

That's a good sign.

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