The Rigidity of George Bush


If Bush does indeed carry dyslexic traits, why would this be important? It shapes one's whole life. According to professionals in the field, the brain structure related to dyslexia is laid down within the first few weeks of gestation. 'The wiring is so deep, you can alter it, but you can't change the root structure,' says West. A lot of dyslexics develop rigidity, needing the comfort of following a known path.

Everyone needs to read this article. It was written before Bush was president by Gail Sheehy who wrote the groundbreaking book Passages. It explains in so much detail why Bush simply will never admit he is wrong. (This Washington Post article tells how Bush never considered anything other than the 'surge'.)

Bush's inability to process information has been joked about for years. But apparently it's a real problem and we're all getting screwed because of it. George Bush isn't mentally competent to be the President of the United States. He doesn't see shades of gray because he can't mentally see shades of gray. He is physically incapable of changing his mind without a mental breakdown. The people around him know this and feed him little tidbits of information to keep him happy - and those tidbits obviously are spun to support whatever crazy initiative that person wants to press.

People have wondered how it is that Bush couldn't see through Rumsfeld - how he couldn't really hear that things were going south in Baghdad when it was obvious to 60% of the country. The reason is that he is spoon fed his information and that information has been diluted down to uselessness.

After you read this article, you'll see that video of Bush staring vaguely into space during the Katrina briefing in a whole new light.

For years now we've heard that "everyone had the same intelligence" on Iraq but this isn't true. Bush - actually his cronies, working around Bush's inability to process information - cherry-picked the intelligence data they wanted and spoon fed it to Bush, who could only hear what was already in his head.

Seriously - all of you congress-people - it's time you neutered Bush. This is a political problem and you're all great politicians. Get it fixed.