WP: Resolute Bush held to Iraq plan - washingtonpost.com Highlights - MSNBC.com:

'The guy who is most committed to winning and finding a way to win is the president. He always has been; he's the only reason we are still in this fight,' said Frederick W. Kagan, a military historian at the American Enterprise Institute whose advice to send more troops has been closely monitored by senior administration policymakers.

Kagan is apparently our new war architect. He is the author of the Choosing Victory position paper I referred to earlier. Wolfowitz out, Kagan in. But they are basically just two different bozos pressed out of the same neocon stamping machine.

This whole neocon business of invading Iraq on the cheap and perhaps even making money off the oil revenues is just nuts.

Someone needs to categorize the American Enterprise Institute as some kind of funny farm, a modern day Cuckoo's Nest.