I have just been added to the Writely beta. Writely was acquired by Google, so this ought to work with Blogger.

Writely is an online word processor.

One thing I've wanted to do is to insert pictures without having to write HTML.

Let's give that a shot.

Well, all I see is a little dot. Not sure if it worked.

There is integrated spelling checking - that's a good thing. You don't want to come across like George W. Bush in your Blog.

Now I'll try to post this...

Now here I am editing in Blogger. The picture dimensions were set to zero, so that's why it was a dot. The text was full of paragraph markers, which made it hard to edit in Blogger.

Now let's see how it looks.

Well, it looks okay, but this first test tells me that it is still easier just to type in HTML, especially since Blogger automatically handles paragraph marks.

I will experiment further. Writely is good for other things than just blog editing - you can upload Word documents and then people can edit them simultaneously! That could be good. I'm not sure it's a replacement for Word, but then, I don't think it is supposed to be ... yet.