Screw up ...

Major screwup at Airbus - BusinessWeek Online -

Fear factor: Yet others say the situation is no surprise, because Airbus's corporate culture openly discourages employees from alerting managers to potential problems. 'If you tell them bad news, they simply don't listen,' says Andrew Walker, a former top engineer at the factory in Broughton, Wales, where the A380's wings are built. 'No one dares tell a high executive that something isn't possible, because he risks losing his job,' says a local union leader at the Toulouse factory who asked for anonymity.

*Sigh*. I've been there.

Me: "We have a big problem."

Them: "Shut up and quit being so negative."


One great thing about listenig to people's work-related problems all day is that sometimes you notice a pattern that wouldn't otherwise be apparent.

And then you can fix it!

Or sometimes you notice a way to fix about five problems at once!

Efficiency! Cool!

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