All of Walt Disney World on DVD

Relive The Magic - Welcome!

I ordered this set of DVDs - 17 when I ordered it - but now I think it is 18 DVDs.

I have to say ... it's horrible.

It's shot by a kid walking around WDW with a camcorder on his shoulder - and he holds it at an angle the whole time.

I searched around for a review of the DVD set before I ordered it and I could find one - so I decided to go for it.

It was rather disappointing.

Fortunately, I bought it from the store, and they refunded my money without any questions!

They told me some people like it because it has stuff that you can't get anywhere else. Well, you might like it too, but watching a kid walk around at an odd angle was too much for me.

You know - all you Disney videographers out there - learn to hold the camera still sometimes! Also, unless you have a soundtrack you need to keep going, it's often better to pause, change the view, and then start again. It's much less jaring than all that zooming in and out and swinging around.

(Note: 7/17/2006 - it's on sale for $50.00! That's great for 18 disks. If you're super diehard you might want to get it. But seriously, unless you are super-diehard, it will rip your eyeballs out.)