One Laptop Per Child

IEEE-USA Today's Engineer - One Laptop Per Child

An article by Mary Lou Jepsen who is driving the effort to make the $100 laptop. The display itself is pretty amazing:

The display I've devised: a 7.5" diagonal 1200x900 pixel display. That's higher resolution than 95 percent of the laptops that ship today. It's 200 dots per inch (dpi). It has a sunlight readable, and room-light readable mode — these in black and white. Our target: a display as readable as a newspaper with the backlight off. Then, when the backlight is turned on — the display becomes color — color resolution is ~800x600 color, and in some of our designs we can achieve 1024x768 color at very low power consumption. The entire display consumes about 1W with the backlight on, and about 0.2W with the backlight off. This at $40 instead of the usual $130 for a regular laptop display which consume ~7X the power of our display and is not sunlight readable.