Security Now!

We've been beefing up security around the house recently. For instance, we now have a double-firewall with the Wi-Fi stuck in no-man's land.

One cool thing is that Wi-Fi web cams are really cheap now. There are even outdoor ones. And there are see-in-the-dark infrared web cams too. So it is pretty easy to surround your home with web cams that record that last few days activity to a hard drive.

Pretty sweet.

I mentioned the double-firewall idea to a friend, because I wasn't sure it would really work very well, and he pointed me to the Security Now! Podcasts by Steve Gibson. These come out once a week and are pretty good! A lot of the stuff I already knew but it was nice to get a refresher course. I've listened to all of them now - I think there are about 37 of them available as I write this.

I really like the iTunes Podcast interface. There are some great Lost TV Show Podcasts, including the official podcast from the show producers.

Speaking of Lost, last night was a bit of a surprise, eh?

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