Ode to Maya

(Imagine rap beat in the background.)

Maya is my bitch
She does just what I say
I say connect this node to that
And then she renders all the way

Sometimes I scrub the slider
slide it forward and then back
Make my character jack off
and do all this and that

I can build me worlds
Export them right away
Watch them run on Pee ess pee
Then fuck that bitch


I've got my world set
I've got my timing down
I've got my world working
And then it all GOES DOWN

My work is gone like that
No backup done for me
I have a deadline looming
Must recreate from memory

Try to save more often
Extend my micro-drive
Because if I don't save my self
This game ain't going live

I love that Maya bitch
'Cause I control her nodes
But dammit if that bitch
And make me prematurely old.

© 2006 Stephen Clarke-Willson - All Rights Reserved.