Blue Ball Machine

Game company executives who spend too much time reading my blog should stare at The Blue Ball Machine.

A colleague at work said, "Look at that guy. He's got a case of blue balls." See if you can find him in the picture.

You can also find animated tiles that connect, and find certain blue balls that work their way across the whole screen.

You know, I just can't get over the fact that the CEO of a game company felt the need to post here that everything is okay. It's as if my opinion matters, when it clearly doesn't.

Here's a story:

About eight months ago a couple of guys emailed me to find out if there is a huge game industry wide blacklist administered by a huge publishing company. I told them, of course, that is ridiculous... Because everyone knows I am the one that controls the industry wide blacklist. I assured them they were not on it.

The way the list works is that someone will call me up and say, "Should I work with {person, company} so-and-so?" Of course, it would be legally imprudent to answer such a question. So, if I cough a certain way, that means the person is a loser.

One time I accidentally destroyed a person's career because I cleared my throat at the wrong time. (Sorry about that.) Another time someone didn't hear me cough because of a bad cell phone connection and someone that should have been drummed out of the industry became a vice president!

So, it's not a perfect system.


Now, I feel the need to explain that this is a story. It isn't true. Nobody has that kind of power, do they?

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