This notice from an overloaded web site is a funny mix of hamster-talk and senator-talk:

As you all know, our hamsters are always hard at work running on wheels to power your lightning fast search results. But you guys have not been kind to them. During peak periods at day time (~noon PST), our servers are having trouble dishing out the goods through the tubes of your beloved interweb. So we have to skim on seed/leecher stats right now so the servers doesn't go down in flames. Good job guys, our hamsters are not disappointed by the apparent popularity of their hard running.

We'll be doubling our squadron of hamsters to make sure the bits are flowing out the tubes smoothly. Hopefully by Monday tomorrow. In the meantime, please restrain your urge to press the F5 key during busy hours. And more complete seed/leechers stats will be returning when we got our hamster wheels back in running at optimal performance.


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