Blogger: Download Blogger for Word (and Puppy)

Blogger: Download Blogger for Word

Wow. I'm going to check it out. It has to be much nicer than typing in this little window.

Okay, I downloaded it, and now I’m doing an edit in Word.

One nice thing: you can type in a link, for instance,, and it is automatically converted into a hyper link.

I wonder if I can insert a picture of a cute puppy:

(image placeholder)

Nemo with Gentle Leader

Well, the answer is no. Tables and pictures are not supported, but it didn't tell me that until I went to post. Too bad. (I inserted the puppy picture later by hand.)

He’s wearing something called a “Gentle Leader”. It’s not a muzzle. It’s just arranged so that when he pulls against the leash he gets guided back on to the straight and narrow rather than pulling your arm out of its socket.