Cajun Man

I was just watching a repeat of Saturday Night Live from 1992.

Cajun Man was on. Cajun Man is Adam Sandler who answers everything with this strange pseudo-French-Cajun accent. He generally answers with one or two words and each response ends in "-tion" except it is pronounced "shone".

For instance: "prediction" -> "predict-shone".

Back in 1992 I was in a staff meeting at Virgin Games with the president of the company, Martin Alper. It was Martin, some other execs, and a bunch of producers. I guess Cajun Man had been on TV the weekend before because we were answering Martin's questions like Cajun Man. It went something like this:

Martin: "How's game X coming along?"

Us: "Tough Predict-shone".

Martin: "What does the developer say?"

Us: "Lack of informat-shone."

Martin: "Why are they so far behind?"

Us: "Bad product-shone."

This went on for several more minutes. Finally he told us to quit it. But I thought it was cool that he let us get away with it for so long. I remember the name of one of the other producers at the meeting:

Seth Mendel-shone (Mendelsohn)

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