Billboard PostPlay: Weedshare Adds RCA To Label Roster

Billboard PostPlay: Weedshare Adds RCA To Label Roster:

"I haven't seen an official press release yet, but p2pnet reports that Kelly Clarkson has released a new single, 'Since U Been Gone', in the Weed file format into the P2P universe...Her website also confirms the report and the song is priced oddly at $1.09. Since Sony BMG owns RCA, it is yet another strong signal that the industy is evolving (with less kicking and screaming) to commercial P2P.

Sony BMG Music and RCA Records are the first major label to distribute content in the Weed format and I'm sure the other 3 majors will follow suit soon, once they comprehend and feel comfortable with the whole model. Kelly's Weed file, which is an exclusive remix of her single, is currently available HERE, but will be eventually be everywhere as it grows like a weed across the net..."

Weed was designed and implemented here in the Seattle area.

I like the weed interface to the license server ... you click 'play' and it says, 'Hang on a second.'