Google Earth

I saw on SlashDot that Google had made it's earth viewer free.

So I downloaded it.

Luckily I guess, I got in there before the crowd, because now they have restricted access to it, due to popular demand. I imagine it consumes much bandwidth.

The URL to grab it is

Some buddies were over last night and we went flying all around the world. "Let's see the Sphinx!" (Not really visible, but the pyramids nearby are.) "Let's see the Eiffel Tower!" We visited places we used to live, and currently live. We went to China, Baghdad, New York.

It's really amazing. Finally something like "flying cars" that was predicted a long time ago has come true! An Earth viewer!

Here's a picture of the Grand Canyon as seen through Google Earth (click for bigger image):

Google Earth view of the Grand Canyon

This is where I went to high school: Corona del Mar High School. We lived across the street from it, which was nice, for a kid that had trouble getting up in the morning. I got up about five minutes before school started and ran over there. I must admit, from this view, that a great deal of real estate at my old high school was dedicated to sports (the pool, tennis courts, track, baseball fields, general use fields, etc.).

Google Earth view of Corona del Mar High School in California

I can't wait for

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