I managed to spend 2,262 minutes on my cell phone last month.

Holy Crap! (As the Mormon's say: 'Holy Crap' is the official Mormon swear phrase. No wait, that's not it. It's "Bull Crap". Sorry. Never mind.)

Anyway, that's a lot of minutes! Luckily 1,211 of them were free because they were 'in network'. And I get 850 a month, so that just left, uh, 204 minutes that came out of my Rollover minutes stash.

It would have been higher, but some of us switched to Skype half way through the month.

So, really, that amount of communication was pretty cheap.

The Skype experience was cool. We had a 'virtual office' going where three of us were on the phone via Skype, using our PCs and headsets. You could hear the ambient sounds from the other persons' office, so it felt like I was in one big shared office. It was pretty cool. When my cable modem crapped out, it got suddenly very quiet, and I felt the virtual office disappear.

My cable modem used to be rock solid when Comcast was at 3 megabits, but now at 4 megabits it craps out a couple of times a day. I bought a new cable modem that resets 5x faster than the old one, which makes it much less painful. Some connections (like remote desktop) persist through the outage and come back to life automatically, which is awesome!

It's pretty fun stuff, even when it doesn't quite work right.

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