Selling Music Direct to Gamers

It's All Noise: Composing Music Good Enough for Games: Jeremy Soule:

"I think games are much like films in that they each often have requirements for both custom music and licensed/preexisting songs. I have licensed my music into games and I have composed custom scores as well. I think licensing is just one of many great options that a game designer has in terms of business arrangements. I'm actually doing something very unique along these lines. A company has signed me to produce the world's first music expansion packs. Music expansion packs are basically a cool way for game players to beef up the amount of music in a game. Most games ship with about an hour of music. Many of my games ship with 90 minutes. With the expansion pack model, players will be able to enjoy as much as four hours of music or more in their adventures. This is accomplished through a combination of a WMA download and scripts that install with the download. It's a totally integrated system that speaks directly to the game's code. So in other words, not only is there more music, it's also intelligently implemented. I think that this game music expansion model could be the single biggest business development for game music in recent years."

Sounds like something I would enjoy working on. Oh wait, I am!

The article also has a pointer to Final Fantasy Remix by Jeremy Soule.

In the full article, Jeremy mentions Guild Wars, a game with really great visuals. I noticed it received a 9.2 over at Gamespot, so it's getting some recognition for gameplay too. Lucky me - I received a game credit for Guild Wars. What a wonderful thing to have happen a year after striking out on my own.

Here's my Guild Wars character (I'm exploring my feminine side):

Stephen's female Guild Wars character

Apparently my feminine side is pretty hot.