555 or 565

Today is 5/5/5!

Cinco de Mayo, or May 5, 2004, was my last day at Amaze. Now it's a year later and the date is Cinco de Mayo, 2005, which can be written as 5/5/5. The day after is the day 5/6/5.

5/5/5 is also the color space for Red, Green and Blue when using 16-bit graphics. It's actually 0/5/5/5 or 1/5/5/5 if there is a bit for alpha. Some systems give you 5/6/5 which is gives an extra bit for green and uses up all 16-bits (so no alpha). You can see way more green than anything else so it seemed cool to some graphics wizard to give green an extra bit of resolution. (Although if you really did the bits in proportion to how well you can see each range of colors, which is 29.9% for red, 58.7% for green, and 11.4% for blue, then you should divide it up as 5 bits red, 9 bits green, and 2 bits blue. Imagine! Only two bits for blue!)

I wrote another couple of articles about funny dates and numbers, 1999, and another on January 2, 2000, just after the Y2K disaster failed to happen.

This reminds me of a song called "25 or 6 to 4", about being hung over from drugs in the early morning. (I never take drugs, by the way. I’m naturally high! W00t!)

Here’s another fun number: 111111 – that’s how many miles I recently had on my car.

111,111 miles on my car!

111,111 miles on my car - close up of Odometer

My car was totalled last Christmas, but I liked it so much (the car, not the totalling), I had it repaired and kept it, paying the extra that insurance didn't cover. It's about 11 years old which averages out to only 10,000 miles a year, which isn't much. The front of the car, which was squished in the accident, is rebuilt, and I have some wonderful bright new shiny headlights. Luckily the frame was untouched. My view on cars is that they exist for two reasons: to get from point a to point b, and to listen to music. My car is pretty quiet inside, and so especially good for listening to music while getting from point a to point b.

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