Real-time blog of American Idol

Test Pattern:

"9:45: Bo Bice with who else but ... Lynyrd Skynyrd, and what else, but 'Sweet Home Alabama.' The audience goes nuts for the 'in Birmingham we love the governor' line, which has always creeped me out a little bit, then goes dead silent for 'Watergate does not bother me,' since Watergate was probably 15 years before most people in the room were born. Wow, how many members are in Skynyrd these days, anyway? Oh wait, they just brought everyone back out on stage. There are now 12 minutes left in the show, so it's time to ... go to commercial! I have to admire how they can take the reading of one name, which is really all they have to do tonight, and stuff two hours of show around it. Parodies! William Hung! Bad auditioners! Babyface! Hasselhoff! Randy babbling! The Osmonds! Matt Rogers! Mikalah! Random Southern mayors! Crunk teeth! Don't let anyone tell you this show doesn't have it all."