Anti Hi-Def

CBS News | E3 Left Us Dazed And Confused | May 26, 2005�11:30:02:

"But gamers are all being told that if they really want to be 'gamers' and not just some jerk that plays games, they have to move into the High Definition clan.

That, in and of itself, should worry anyone wary of Microsoft's partnering with Samsung.

Peter Moore, Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Publishing for Xbox at Microsoft, has been asserting that only through Samsung's HD TV's can one experience real gaming.

Yessir, just sell a limb and you can be rocking out with your Xbox 360 like a real gamer. Those HD TVs are expensive, but do you really need two kidneys?

This deal must be a dream come true for Samsung. Sales of their high-priced idiot boxes might actually pick up. "

I've been avoiding hi-def because I just don't see the benefit for the dollars. An old TV croaked and I could have bought a nice hi-def TV for $2,000.00 or a nice Sony Trinitron for $400 - guess which one I got?

I remember back in like 1993 at CES in Las Vegas there was a display of some format of hi-def TV and it was wonderful. It was a projecter in a carefully lit and controlled environment and it was like looking out a window onto this awesome view.

But at our house, there is noise, and light, and kids, and TiVo to be compatible with, and VCRs, and all of that stuff. Who wants to ditch all that for a 6x better display?

In Microsoft-land, where I live, there are plenty of early adopters with hi-def TVs and I'm happy to watch the odd movie at their house. ("Finding Nemo" seems [still] to be the number of choice for showing off your hi-def TV.)

And I have no doubt when the price is right and the infrastructure is better established I'll have several hi-def TVs.

It's just not going to happen for several years at my house. (The truth is I'm more likely to see hi-def on my computer screen before I get consumer products. Unfortunately, the cool hi-def videos you can download in WMA format from Microsoft require a more powerful computer than I have - in fact, a more powerful computer than anyone I know has.)

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