American Idol

I was feeling like Carrie is going to win tonight ... but then I saw a poll over at which shows Bo way ahead (in the TV Guide poll).

So I guess it's going to be Bo.

This is my first time watching every episode of American Idol and I have to admire the generally slick presentation. I'm told Simon is much nicer than he used to be so I haven't seen the full effect of his famous wit (I guess fame has mellowed him).

In the past I have watched the show to see who gets the boot - but this time I'm just going to check the Internet so I can TiVo through as much of it as possible in as little time as possible. Two hours to announce a winner tonight is too much!

[Update after the show.]

Well, I guess I should have gone with my intuition. Carrie won. I found out at 7:10 p.m. Pacific Time. I didn't want to wait until 9:56 p.m. when the show was going to announce on the west coast. I still TiVo'd through the show a bit, looking for highlights, like the bit about Simon Cowell being in love with himself.

I guess the show producers must know that people on the west coast and in Hawaii can easily find out who will win, so if they don't make a pretty entertaining show, they are going to lose half of their audience.

Intuition is an interesting thing. Some people have it, and some people don't, and some people who have it misinterpret it, which is worse than not having it.

My own belief is that the more information you have, the better your intution will be. People who depend too much on intuition not grounded by factual experience or research frequently end up in trouble. At least, well, that's my intution about it.

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