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Somehow the web site (and the other Amaze Entertainment web sites) got set back to about late 2001. (No, I didn't do it. Give me a break.)

Adrenium News

2/11/02: Adrenium Games Nominated
Adrenium Games nominated for "Rookie Studio of the Year" by International Game Developers Association.

11/20/01: Azurik: Rise of Perathia Ships
Azurik: Rise of Perathia ships into stores in time for the holidays (visit Microsoft's official Azurik site at

5/16/01: Azurik: Rise of Perathia featured at E3 in the Microsoft Games Pavilion.

3/13/01 Azurik Featured at GameStock
Adrenium’s epic adventure “Azurik – Rise of Perathia” will be shown publicly for the first time ever at Microsoft’s GameStock today. Microsoft and Adrenium will unveil Azurik during a featured on-stage presentation to over 170 journalists. And now the fun begins…

9/1/00 Microsoft Announces Official List of Xbox Developers
In an announcement made at ECTS in London this week, Microsoft officially announced Adrenium Games in its list of “Top Development” studios currently working on 1st Party Xbox games.

12/21/99 Adrenium to Develop Xbox Game for Microsoft
Adrenium Games entered into an agreement today with Microsoft to create an original content action/adventure game specifically designed for the Xbox. Details of the game will be announced at a future date.

12/16/99 Adrenium Games Launched
Seeking to create a studio to take interactive gaming to the next level, industry veteran Dan Elenbaas joined with Dr. Stephen Clarke-Willson (former VP of Worldwide Product Development, Virgin Games, and Executive Producer, The Seventh Guest), Jeff Petkau (AI Programmer, Total Annihilation and Secret of Evermore), and Jon Mavor (Graphics Programmer, Total Annihilation), to build a world-class team from the ground-up dedicated to maximizing the performance of the latest generation game platforms. The new studio will be called Adrenium Games, and is located in Kirkland, Washington USA