Digital Seattle

Weed is an online music sharing service that encourages viral marketing of music and minimizes bandwidth usage by allowing people to share files. After a file is played three times, you need to buy the tune. So you can easily 'try before you buy'.

The cool thing is that the service has been developed here in the Seattle area. (I learned about the service from my Internap salesman who told me about John Beezer, the president (and founder I think) of Weed.)

There's so much digital music work going on in this area of the country! Real, located in Seattle, just announced today a big upgrade to their Rhapsody music service that lets you listen (stream) 25 free tunes a month. Free samples! Excellent!

Microsoft of course continues to move their DRM platform forward.

I attend Audio Engineering Society meetings from time-to-time and guys like JJ Johnston who did the early research at AT&T on psycho-accoustic modeling show up.

And of course the Mackie guys who know everything about digital mixing are in this area. (Update: I just went to an AES meeting at Mackie and learned about Rane which is also local here. They publish a series of white papers called Rane Notes (scroll down for the white papers) which are quite interesting.)

Cool beans!