I worked with a talent agent for a couple of years (we were business partners). That was Bill Block, who was head of ICM's west coast office, the Hollywood office, and he said he only worried about two things: money and credit. Everything else he left to the lawyers.

I had an agreement with Amaze Entertainment that I would be listed as an executive producer for the Lemony Snicket game. Even though I wasn't at Amaze for the entire production of the game, this seemed only fair, since I hired the entire team that made the game.

But Amaze couldn't manage it. There was a "breakdown in communication." Instead, I was given the credit of "Head of R&D" for all of Amaze! This was a rather extraordinary achievement! I was promoted into a company-wide position after I had already left!

I'm trying to figure out what to put on my resume. I'll probably just leave it the same since (1) nobody really cares and (2) I have an email saying I would get the original credit.

You know, maybe the 'improved' Head of R&D credit is a better credit anyway, since a large portion of Amaze is using the engine for which I supervised the development.

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