PlayStation Portable: Three for the Road

PlayStation 2: Three for the Road:

"Three for the Road -- GameSpy compares and contrasts three video-conversion utilities for the PSP. Find out which one is right for you."

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PSP Video 9

While the interface isn't as slick as iPSP's or as simple as Mobile Media Maker PSP's, Sajeeth Cherian's PSP Video 9 is still an easy program to use. It also allows you numerous video and audio quality settings, making it the app of choice for power users. Though it was a bit on the slow side, the program converted all three of my test files without a hitch. I don't mind sacrificing time for a program that works well, so the speed didn't bother me.

I really appreciated the numerous, precise settings PSP Video 9 allows you to select. That combined with its broad file support made it my favorite app of the three I tested. If it ripped DVDs directly, this would be the perfect PC program to use with your PSP. As it is, it's still an excellent choice.