Business 2.0 :: Magazine Article :: Features :: What's Next for Apple?

Business 2.0 :: Magazine Article :: Features :: What's Next for Apple?

This is a terrific article about Apple ... but more importantly the subtext is about the next great consumer electronics battle that is brewing... appliances! By that I mean zillions of cool gadgets! Which ones will stick?

Apple is in a very good position, brand-wise and in terms of their focus on slick looking technology, to fight in the next big battle.

But Microsoft is in a good place too. They will probably control or at least greatly contribute to the Home Media Server of the future. Plus with their Windows CE platform ('CE' stands for Consumer Electronics) they have a relatively small footpoint operating system that has a ton of features and applications, from scheduling to video playback.

It's going to be a huge deal, and if Microsoft can really get it together, then I think their stock will finally get out of the doldrums because they will have a compelling story to tell about a huge area of future growth.

Of course, the phone companies are going to try, and Sony, who has a great start with PSP, is going to try to be the gadget king too.

So it's going to be a terrific battle. And the winner will be ... us! Because there will be so many cool gadgets to choose from!