MSNBC - Ready for your close-up? Here come the vlogs

The day after I posted a big 300K animated gif of myself emitting some magic dust I read on MSNBC that 'vlogs' - Video Logs - are the latest thing.

I doubt animated gifs are the best way to post video but they do work in all browsers!

I've noticed that on my page the big animated gif slows down the loading of most of the rest of the page even over a fast broadband connection. (I've since cut the size in half with ImageReady.)

One of the vlogs mentioned in the MSNBC article is RocketBoom. Last Thursday's Amanda's daily dance cracked me up - once it finally downloaded onto my machine. It looks like a real dance to me - the kind of dance that 'flappers' did back in the 20's.

Amanda's regular news vlog wasn't so funny. But I might check in on her video log from time-to-time.