Microsoft Millionaires

I wrote these in June 1997:

Microsoft Millionaires - You too can be a Microsoft millionaire. Looking at the price history of Microsoft stock over the past 10 years shows that it has increased 40 times. It's a safe bet it will increase 40 times over the next ten years. So, just buy $25,000.00 of Microsoft stock, and wait ten years, and you'll have a million bucks. My goal for a retirement account is $2,000,000.00, which will produce enough interest income to live in great style, so this would get me half-way there. (Beats working.)

[Needless to say the stock is not on track for going up another 40x. -- Stephen]


Gates to pay off national debt? Speaking of that 40x increase in the stock price, Gates' stock is currently worth over $30 billion dollars. In ten years, it will be worth $1.2 trillion dollars. Assuming we continue to battle deficit spending with our current sort-of hold-the-line policies, where it doesn't get hugely worse over the next ten years, then Gates, as a charity donation, could pay off the national debt. Some of you may have heard how Paul Allen here in Seattle offered to buy the local football team for $120 million, if the state government made certain concessions, like building a new stadium. Imagine what strings Mr. Gates might attach to his gift of $1.2 trillion? "Well, my $1.2 trillion dollar gift was the result of a relatively 'friction-free economy', so I think maybe the Federal Trade Commission and the Commerce Department in the Department of Justice should be dissolved as a good-faith gesture."

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