PC: EA Loses Another Key RTS Executive

Way back in the day, when I had a large series of articles posted at my web site called "The Rise and Fall of Virgin Interactive," I quoted Mark Skaggs from an interview where he said he was going to build a team in a month. This was really just a point of departure for talking about team building.

I later ran into Mark at the Queen Mary and he said, "What the ---- is your problem? Why do you write that ----?" (In retrospect, I can't be sure he actually used any swear words - maybe just some strong words.) He also told me he was misquoted by the article I referenced, which is very easy for me to believe.

My answer - "Enquiring minds want to know!" (Those articles had a pretty big following.)

So, anyway, I have to say, that over the years Mark has weathered a lot of changes at Westwood/EA and built a lot of good products as the keeper of the Command and Conquer franchise.

So, sorry Mark, I took your name in vain oh-so-long-ago, and good luck with whatever you end up doing. You've done a kick-ass job maintaining that product series through a lot of transitions. Good job.

(Here's a story from my VIE series about how Dune II which lead to Command and Conquer came about.)

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