Color A Dinosaur - Color A Dinosaur

Tommy should know I have two 'l's in my last name. :)

Also, I didn't actually write the Cakewalk->Ascii converter - the fine people at Cakewalk (then Twelve Tone Systems) wrote it. I just had the foresight to order it and figure out how we could use it in games. (It didn't ship with standard Cakewalk.)

And I bet I gave him more than a day to work on it. But probably not a lot more.

Just to put the whole thing in context, the Color a Dinosaur game was made for $50,000.00. That was everything! Heh. I remember we made an exclusive deal with Wal-mart. I think we sold them about 25,000 copies and that was it. It wasn't long before they were about $4.99. (Mario Paint for the SNES was also out at the same time!)

Still, for what it was, it was amazing. Jay Obernolte did in fact code the whole thing while he was going to Cal-Tech. (Jay had also designed hardware for light guns.) It used the bare-minimum chip that Nintendo made.

Ah yes, those were the good old days ...