Based on Crap: The 10 Worst Ideas to Make Nintendo Games About -

Based on Crap: The 10 Worst Ideas to Make Nintendo Games About -

I produced #7. At the time, it was one of the best selling NES games our little company, Virgin Mastertronic, later renamed Virgin Games, later renamed Virgin Interactive, had ever made. Ahead of it was the original Spot by Graeme Devine, but Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was a close second.

We had 16 pages of coverage in Nintendo Power. I guess there wasn't much else going on that year at Christmas time.

We had the rights to use Kevin Costner's image, but then Dances With Wolves came out, and that was the end of that. We ended up using his profile.

We had a Robin Hood game already when the Prince of Thieves license became available. I read the script and it was very dark. The sherrif was having sex with his mother and other such type things.

After deleting all the dark bits, I made a game outline, on a single piece of paper, that used the existing game play bits we had, and laid them out in story order. I went on a trip to Salt Lake City to visit Sculptured Software and present the plan. They had 12 weeks to make the game.

They did a great job, actually.

Tommy Tallarico was the lead tester on it, before he started producing music, and then became a famous TV show personality.

All in all, it was a great experience. I'm not surprised in these days of Hollywood cross overs that the game would make a terrible ideas list, but it worked at the time.