Hands-On iPod Video

Well, I don't have a Video iPod, but like anyone I can get iTunes version 12,000 (actually version 6) and buy a video. Since I'm up-to-date with Lost I bought the Pilot episode of the Nightstalker.

The video is 320x240 which is pretty small on my 1280x1024 screen. The audio sounds good. I've only watched about the first three minutes because I have been busy.

The iTunes stored crapped out on my first download and charged me for a machine license that I didn't successfully use.

The weird thing about this video is ... who really wants to keep it? I've used Movielink and once I watch something there, then I'm done!

Well, I guess with iTunes I can 'unauthorize' the viewing of a video clip and then just up and delete it, and let it live on the iTunes servers.

I'll probably watch the whole show this weekend...

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