Saddleback Church

+++ Saddleback Church +++

Amazingly, since I am not really the church going type, another church I went to from time-to-time in California was Saddleback Church. The head pastor-dude there, Rick Warren, wrote a huge bestseller, The Purpose Driven Life. Back ten or eleven years ago when I used to go, the place was still in a giant tent in the middle of a big field.

I loved going to the big tent at Christmas time because they put on a terrific show. One young woman in particular would sing "Oh Holy Night". She had this huge vocal range and her performance was just terrific. There were probably 5,000 people in the big revival tent.

I had completely forgotten about Rick Warren and his (ahem) crusade until I saw him on 60 minutes. "Hey, I know that guy!"

Well, I didn't really know him, but I listened to him preach (in his non-preachy way) about 20 times.

You want to get me into church? Put on a great music show. And be a really big church so I can hide in the crowd.

That's the ticket.