Sony admits proprietary standard was a mistake

As I mentioned here, Sony blew it by endorsing their own proprietary standard that implemented SDMI - an annoying copy protection scheme.

Now an executive at Sony (Ken Kutaragi) has admitted as much. This is a bit historic, as Sony doesn't normally own up to mistakes.

Ken Kutaragi is some kind of genius - he's done a lot of things right in the video game world. Everybody hates the hardware of the PS2 though - it's basically the Cray architecture implemented for video games. Ken thinks it is cool to take the space normally reserved for fast memory on a computer chip and replace it with vector processing.

Well, to my way of thinking, there is a reason nobody uses the Cray system architecture anymore - it's better to use that chip space for fast cache memory. And programming all of those vector units is a pain in the ass. The PS3 is going to be like the PS2 except 10 times more annoying.

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