Another Disneyland Knock-Off Another creepy Disneyland knock-off - this one is in Japan. (Scroll down the page to get to the Nara park.)

Also, the article mentions roller coaster videos by Robb Alvey. Robb and I worked together at Virgin Interactive. Robb introduced me to the Sherman Bros who wrote so many of those great Disney songs. We took the Shermans out to lunch at South Coast Plaza. One of them does all the talking while the other one sits in the background and ruminates. I don't collect autographs as a matter of course but I managed to get them to autograph my Mary Poppins DVD.

(I think Mary Poppins is easily one of the greatest movies ever made. Yes, I know, it's not 'serious' or 'important' like Lawrence of Arabia, another great movie, but it's still great nonetheless.)