We were considering last summer what to do with the rather large wasp nest in our front yard. Should we fill it full of poisonous gas? Knock the thing down and run like heck?

After some research on the all mighty internet we discovered that Wasps create a nest, lay eggs and raise their children, and then split! We decided to leave the Wasps alone primarily because they were leaving us alone and we thought it was probably better for the gene pool to allow less aggressive Wasps to breed.

One day late in the fall I was out mowing the lawn and it dawned on me there was no activity at the Wasp nest. Indeed, as predicted, the Wasps had left, and the nest, which was no longer actively maintained, was falling apart.

Abandoned Wasp Nest

We don't know where the Wasps went. Our only guess is that they moved to the suburbs as many WASPS do.

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