AllofMP3 - seems legal!

I downloaded my first song for $0.035 and I thought, this has to be illegal, so I'll just write-off the rest of my $5.00 and give up.

As far as I can tell, all of the over 4500 files I have encoded on my computer are legal. I had a few songs from the old Napster but I tracked down legal copies of those, either on CD or from on-line stores.

Interestingly, and as a complete aside, in normal life I would never have listened to Eminem. He was on Saturday Night and did a bad job. But he was so much in the news that I finally went to the old Napster and grabbed a couple of songs from him. I was blown away! I bought all of his albums. Napster worked as an advertising medium. Personally, I think the record companies should give away low-bit-rate versions of all the music in the world. It's the perfect replacement for AM and FM radio.

But anyway... after doing some research, I decided that was legal enough - I mean, how much due-diligence can your average consumer do? I checked around, and it appears to be legal.

So I bought about 40 songs, which cost about $2.50 .

It's actually a pain to download that many songs. I would get an email when the song was encoded, click on it, and then it would s l o w l y download. They have some kind of download manager you can get, but I haven't tried that. I guess that's the next thing on the list.

I'm sure the record companies hate, but in this case, they're going to have to work through all kinds of international copyright laws, so is probably legal for a few more years.