Too many words

I went down to Borders in Redmond to buy the latest Lemony Snicket book. I noticed that Neal Stephenson was going to be talking and signing books there later in the evening. I also noticed a lot of nerdy people hanging around. I actually noticed the nerdy people first, and then saw the notice that Neal Stephenson was dropping by, and it all made sense.

I met Neal Stephenson, who is a shy guy, so I'm surprised he is venturing out to talk to strangers, when I worked at Virgin Interactive and he came by to talk to me about turning Snow Crash into a cool CD-ROM game like 7th Guest. When I told him it would cost upwards of a million dollars he lost interest, as I think he wanted to fund it himself.

I like his books, in general. I even liked the Baroque Cycle - or I should say I liked the idea of it. I couldn't actually finish even the first book, although I tried.

There were just too many words.

I like my fiction in bite-sized hunks.

Maybe when it's all in paperback, and I can actually read it without injuring myself (the hardback books are very heavy!), I'll give it another try.