The Apprentice - NOT

At first I thought, Trump has really screwed the pooch on this one. He fired "the best guy". What kind of idiot would fire the best guy?

But Bradford wasn't the best guy. Trump's mistake was calling him the best guy and then firing him. But I guess he was trying to make a point.

It took me an hour to come around to Trump's point-of-view, which is that, when you have a really great advantage in business, don't piss it away, no matter how much you think "you don't need it." A successful business is always firing on as many cylinders as possible.

So Bradford was fired for over confidence. I know a guy who was over confident - he risked millions of dollars on a market play that didn't work out. He ignored one of Trump's main rules: minimize the downside and because of that the downside came and bit him in the ass.

My wife has a saying she likes: "never challenge worse," as when people say, "things can't get any worse!" Yes, they can!

Ask Bradford.