One of the companies that Ann Winblad has invested in is called Voltage. You can visit their site at (what else) http://www.voltage.com .

What they have to offer is digitally signed email without the overhead of the PKI - public key infrastructure.

I had been thinking that it is easy enough to get rid of all Spam - Verisign lowers it's cost for a digital signature to a buck, and everyone buys one. Presto, no more forged email. If the message isn't signed, it is easily rejected by Outlook or any email client.

What a simple fix!

But Voltage has gone one better - they derive a key from your email address and nothing else!

I have no idea how they are going to make money on this - it does require a server on their part to generate a key derived from your email address - so maybe they will charge for that.

Either way - get the price down to a buck a year, and no more Spam!