I was at Target in the electronics section while in Arizona on a trip and I saw this cute thing for carrying your iPod around - the AmphiPod. Once I got back to the hotel I tried it out ... and my iPod didn't fit! What kind of crap was that?

Actually, it almost fits, which turns out to be good enough.

Well, the AmphiPod was never made for carrying an iPod, as you can see if you visit their site.

The model I have is this one which is made for runners wearing loose-fitting clothing.

I guess the buyer for electronics at Target thought as I did - hey, a cool accessory for your iPod!

Well, as I said, it works well enough - it's not exactly the fit you would expect, but it is quite handy if you are wearing loose-fitting clothing and want to carry your iPod or iPod mini around.

Of course, it shouldn't be confused these other AmphiPods.