Grumpy Gamer

Grumpy Gamer

Half of the reason for having a blog is to point at other people's blogs.

Grumpy Gamer is a blog by Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island (LucasArts), Pajama Sam (Humongous), and Total Annihilation (Cavedog) fame.

I worked at Cavedog for a couple of years. I was in the "Boneyards" group which was tasked with providing online support (simple things like match-making and strange things such as "metagames") for other Humongous and Cavedog games.

Anyway, Ron is not the most talkative person in the world. When Humongous/Cavedog moved into a new building, I was stuck out in the north 40, somewhat close to Ron's office. Ron apparently enjoyed being pretty far away from the other 400 people in the building. So, I would be walking down the hall and sometimes Ron would be walking the other way, and he would just totally ignore me.

I took this on as a challenge. So whenever we would pass (maybe once or twice a week), I would say, "hey," as I walked by. It took about a month, but Ron finally said, "hey," back to me. Victory! Contact had been made!

Then I forgot about the whole thing and just focused on work. I'm sure Ron forgot about it too.