My site used to be called atgp.com, which was nice and short and sweet. It turns out that a "TGP" is a "Thumbnail Generated Page" and typing in atgp into Google came up with all kinds of porn links, because the porn sites use "TGP" programs to make series of pictures for all of us to browse. (Too bad I didn't call it atgc.com - Above the Garage Corporation - because atgc are the four letters that make up DNA - that would have been worth something.)

So I changed the name to / . It's more to type but in the long run it's a better name.

Wow. All of my old pages at atgp.com are archived in a site called (what else) the Internet Archive. It's here: http://www.archive.org . Type "atgp.com" into the WayBackMachine and not only are all the old pages there, but a complete update history!


Now that I have changed from atgp.com to above-the-garage.com the only odd bits that come up when searching Google for Above the Garage are sites about where and how Kurt Cobain killed himself.

Double creepy.