Way back in the old days, probably late 1996 or early 1997, I started what had to be one of the first blogs ever - except it wasn't called that. It was just a series of web pages I updated from time-to-time. They are here: /rblts/ . When I first started I used an ancient tool called HotDog, since I didn't know any HTML. Then after using HotDog for awhile, I realized there were only about 10 HTML things I needed to know, and I just typed in my files directly. Then MS Word became a decent editor for HTML as part of the big Microsoft Internet push, so I used that.

Now, years later, all this blogging stuff is practically automatic. It's nearly trivial to dash off a thought and post it for the whole world to see. Back in the day, the most popular articles I wrote were about the Rise and Fall of Virgin Interactive. I have removed those files for now, because I want to go back and sanitize them a bit, to protect the names of the innocent and the guilty. It's still a fascinating story of how to trash a big company.

For the past five years I was working at Cavedog and then Amaze Entertainment in the Adrenium and Black Ship studios. Now I am back working from home at Above the Garage Productions. My home page is here: .

My project right now is some Digital Rights Management work. People hate DRM, and for good reasons, but I plan to implement things correctly.

I'll have some comments about DRM in the coming days.