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I managed to visit every Disney theme park around the world in one year. (Plus I saw "the big model" of the new Hong Kong park at Walt Disney Imagineering.)

I thought it would be cool to post a picture of each castle from Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris.

However, since I'm originally from California, I take Disneyland somewhat for granted, so I never took a picture of the Disneyland castle!

Here are the other castles as photographed during my travels.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom:

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle (C) Stephen Clarke-Willson

Tokyo Disneyland:

Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella Castle (C) Stephen Clarke-Willson

Paris Disneyland:

Paris Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle (C) Stephen Clarke-Willson

The Paris castle was designed by my friend since second grade, Tom Morris (not the golfer), and it is spectacular, so it deserves another picture. This next picture looks (to me) like a picture of a model but this is the real castle.

Paris Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle (C) Stephen Clarke-Willson

Here's a picture of the top spire of the Paris castle, which has been broken (tilted) for many years. It was broken in a big windstorm that hit the park in 1999.

Paris Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle Broken Spire (C) Stephen Clarke-Willson

[Updated 2008 01 21]


Finally! A picture of the castle at Disneyland. Indeed, I finally dug through my pictures and found one of the Disneyland Castle, from 2004. That castle is pretty hard to photograph because it's pretty small and so it's easy to get a lot of other objects in the picture. I remember decided to quit fighting it, and to get the "Partners" statue in the foreground to solve that problem.

Picture of Disneyland Castle by DrStephenCW

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