Savoir Flair by Polly Plat

Savoir Flair by Polly Platt

I just received a Skype call from an old friend Sang Han who normally lives in Korea but has spent the last year in France finishing an MBA. Sang published an article at my Above the Garage web site in 1999.

He reminded me that the French are known for being very difficult to get along with!

My wife and I went to France to celebrate 20 years together and we were recommended the above book Savoir Flair by Polly Platt.

It was a life saver. We followed most of the rules in Savoir Flair and had a terrific time. The French people were incredibly nice and helpful.

Here's a picture of the Eiffel tower (at night, of course) from our trip:

Eiffel Tower at Night