I want to decommission my Firewire hard drive before it completely dies.

Since it was used as my "backup" drive it has all kinds of potentially sensitive material on it.

I found a great freeware program to "scrub" the disk and remove all trace of the data that was previously stored upon it. (I have deleted all of the files, but that doesn't count for much.)

It takes a _ l_o_n_g_ time to scrub a disk. It's running now and I'm guessing it will take a couple of days to scrub all of the free space on the 120 gigabyte drive.

It's worth it though. It's apparently quite easy to harvest data from old hard drives.

It's important to scrub the drive before it dies - otherwise the only alternative is to take a hammer to it, which I have done in the past to a couple of drives and a laptop that was way past it's prime.

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