iPod Defrag Update 4

I plugged my iPod into my USB 2.0 connection and then went away from the computer to watch TV. It was just one show, and I thought, how much could the battery go down in one hour?

Apparently, the answer is, "all the way down." When I returned the iPod was still working, but the battery bar was empty.

Jack Brummet wrote in one of the comments that I should use Firewire instead of USB 2.0 for the simple reason that the Firewire connection powers the iPod.

In fact, I used to use Firewire, but I had problems where removing my iPod would cause another hard drive on my computer to crap out with a "can't write file" message.

So I switched to USB, where I've never had a problem connecting or disconnecting a gadget.

The hard drive on the Firewire port is on its last legs - it started making an awful sound - and the drive I bought to replace it is USB 2.0.

When that old hard drive dies or I disconnect it, then I'll put the iPod back on the Firewire port, and I'll have a happy iPod.

This experience lends more credence to the notion that the #1 power draw in the iPod is the hard drive and over a couple of years of usage it can get fragmented and lessen your battery's lifetime.

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