I was feeling abused back in January 2001, so I decided to make a picture that represented my feelings.

First, I took a picture of myself, trying to look as pained as possible. Notice the glasses are crooked.

Stephen w/o bruises

Next, I added some bruises and blood with Photoshop.

Stephen with bruises painted by himself

Lastly, I showed it to Clay Corbisier, who is an artist with a very good naturalistic sensibility, who said, "I can do better than that!" This last one is his version. It's very good. It makes my wife want to throw up.

Stephen w bruises painted by Clay Corbisier

(You can click on any of the pictures above for a bigger version so you can see the gore at much higher resolution. I recommend looking at the bigger pictures for Clay's version so you can see the detail in the scratches bruising.)

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